Severtson Giant Cinema Screens


A Severtson Giant Cinema Screen in the Air Force Museum Theater. It measures 60' x 80' and is optically coated with the high performance SēVision 3D GX.

Severtson Corporation manufactures screens that meet the requirements for a GSCA giant screen:

  • 70 feet (21.3 meters) wide or 3,100 square feet (288 square meters) in total area for flat screens
  • Place all seating within one screen width of the screen plane.

Severtson Corporation is a member of the Giant Screen Cinema Association

Severtson Corporation has been a leader in making giant screens for over 20 years.

In the early 1990s a contract with IMAX Corporation helped launch Severtson Corporation into the cinema screen industry. Since then they have manufactured cinema screens for theaters in countries all over the world including: USA, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, Scotland, China, Russia, and many more.

To meet the challenge of the creating extremely large screens, Severtson Corporation designed a robotic spray-arm application system to paint its high-performance optical coating on screens as large as 67-9' x 150' in-house. It is currently the largest cinema screen optical coating system in the world.

Severtson Corporation is truly a global leader in innovation and quality.


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