Cinema Grey
  • Description

    Cinema Grey is designed for today's moderate output DLP and LCD projectors. This screen surface is a great choice when video images are the main source of information being projected and where ambient lighting is moderately controlled. With its specially designed grey base surface, this screen material is able to provide excellent black levels without sacrificing the white level output. Cinema Grey is washable with mild soap and water, flame retardant and mildew resistant.

  • Specifications


    On-Axis Gain1.0 gain
    Half Gain Off-Center Viewing Angle50 degrees
    Half Gain Cone Viewing Angle100 degrees
    Material Thickness12.5 mil
    Seamless Maximum Height106" (Home Theater); 60" (Cinema)
    Optional Sound PerforationsMicroPerf, Standard Perf
    Ambient Light ResistanceMedium
    4K Viewing CompatibleYes
    Active 3D Viewing CompatibleYes
    Passive 3D Viewing CompatibleNo
    Lay-Flat QualityExcellent
    Mildew ResistanceYes
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