Folded 3D Cinema Projection Screens

Folded 3D Cinema Projection Screens


  • Available in Matte White, Stellar White, and SeVision 3D GX
  • All material options are available in Non-Perf, Standard-Perf, and Micro-Perf.

Severtson Screens Innovation

The new folded line of SeVision 3D GX and Ultra Wide cinema screens is now available for delivery to international destinations, and has numerous advantages, including: available in standard or micro perforation coated surface that is harder to bruise and scuff small micron flake coating produces a sharper image that eliminates graininess in bright scenes viewing angles range from 30 to 40 degree half-gain depending on the specific screen gain requested use of a proprietary non-leafing flake vs. a leafing flake promotes longevity by eliminating degradation of the optical properties over time perfect for all large cinema applications, such as movie houses, museums, universities, etc.

Screen Materials