Tension Deluxe Electric Motorized


  • Sleek, black all-aluminum case.
  • Tab-tensioned viewing surface.
  • Multiple control methods.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Eligible for custom build program.

What is the Tension Deluxe Series?The Tension Deluxe Series is a collection of tensioned, motorized electric projection screens. They are an ideal choice for home theaters or multi-purpose settings requiring high-gain or specialized projection materials.Experience Tension DeluxeThe Tension Deluxe makes its mark above and beyond the competition by offering Severton's signature projection materials and optical coatings in a motorized, electric screen.Now you can choose the best of Severtson's projection surfaces in a stylish retractable screen. Maintain perfect screen tension with the Severtson Rapid KTS: Knob Tensioning System that enables high-performance vinyl projection surfaces to be built-in without sacrificing image stability. Rapid KTS makes it simple to micro-tune the screen tension - no tools required!Perfection in DesignThe Tension Deluxe is a fresh take on traditional electric projection screens - it was invented specifically with home theater enthusiasts in mind. The motor is designed to operate in a low-decibel noise range for non-intrusive operation and its black, powder-coated aluminum case blends in perfectly with the decor of a dedicated home theater. The Tension Deluxe delivers an experience that is truly focused on the viewer. Its sleek appearance and brilliant design provides peak visual performance that will thrill the audience.

AspectBase ModelViewing DimensionsDetails
16:9GT16909279.900" x 45.100"View
GT16910087.200" x 49.000"View
GT16910692.100" x 52.000"View
GT16911297.600" x 54.900"View
GT169120104.600" x 58.800"View
GT169135120.000" x 67.500"View
GT169150130.700" x 73.500"View
16:10GT161009479.700" x 49.800"View
GT161010387.200" x 54.500"View
GT161010992.100" x 57.600"View
GT161011597.500" x 60.900"View
GT1610123104.600" x 65.300"View
GT1610139117.900" x 73.700"View
GT1610154130.600" x 81.600"View