• Description

    Cinema White is over 30% brighter than Matte White. It is a unique fabric that offers a bright, uniform image with no color shift at any viewing angle. This surface is designed to provide a higher amount of brightness for lower output projector types. Its increased reflectivity will help enhance image brightness in situations where a low level of ambient light is present. Cinema White is washable with mild soap and water, flame retardant and mildew resistant.

  • Specifications


    On-Axis Gain1.3 gain
    Half Gain Off-Center Viewing Angle45 degrees
    Half Gain Cone Viewing Angle90 degrees
    Material Thickness12.5 mil
    Seamless Maximum Height106" (Home Theater); 60" (Cinema)
    Optional Sound PerforationsMicroPerf, Standard Perf
    Ambient Light ResistanceLow
    4K Viewing CompatibleYes
    Active 3D Viewing CompatibleYes
    Passive 3D Viewing CompatibleNo
    Lay-Flat QualityExcellent
    Mildew ResistanceYes
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